Gamasutra: Rebecca Newton’s Blog – Why Human Moderation Isn’t Enough in a Web 2.0 World

Q. What has 100,000 legs, 500,000 fingers, and spends at least 13 hours a week playing minimally supervised online social games?

A. 50,000 concurrent gamers on a popular MMO.

The numbers of concurrent players logging in to popular online games has skyrocketed in the past 10 years. Unfortunately, online moderation methods used on many sites have not kept up with the industry. And, for many years the industry did not provide commercial moderation tools.

The Web 1.0 method of using swear filters and scheduling a handful of Game Masters or Moderators to work during peak hours can no longer meet the needs of 3,000 or more concurrent users in the online social gaming world. Even with a ratio of 1:2000 (one GM to every 2000 concurrent users), a busy site would need 25 GMs per peak hour to make a dent in addressing user needs. After reading this article, if you still think Web 1.0 moderation is acceptable you might want to consider getting your fur trimmed and your teeth sharpened. “Just sayin’…”

Rebecca Newton hatten wir mit einer Keynote in 2010 – die Wichtigkeit von „Web Moderation Tools“ wollen wir in 2011 noch stärker herausarbeiten.