What is a Social Media Newsroom about?

As I was "strolling around" on Facebook and the Social Web the last days in order to research on my thought towards PR 2.0 I stumbled upon Jason Kintzler of PitchEngine.com that is offering a "social media newsroom service". While questioning him whether they already reached out to Europe or Germany we had a short chat about PitchEngine and their approach that we rearranged into a small interview afterwards:

1) What is PitchEngine about?
Jason Kintzler: PitchEngine is a new social platform that enables PR to effectively package stories featuring social content to better collaborate with journalists, bloggers and influencers worldwide.

2) Why do companies need services like PitchEngine?
Jason Kintzler: Because the distribution PR model has changed. PR 2.0 is about reaching influencers, which used to be only journalists. Today, consumers (friends, fans, followers), bloggers and journalists all have an important role in our PR efforts. It’s putting the "p" back in public relations.

3) Why isn’t it enough to add a commentary section on my press releases webpage?
Jason Kintzler: While the tools are a big part of social media, the content you share has to be in the right context. We don’t speak to our friends using press release or AP style format, so why would we think it would translate on Twitter or Facebook? It’s important to find a good balance – make your PR content concise and easily understandable – less spin, more meat. The, beef it up with great social and multimedia content – that’s an Social Media Release (short SMR).

It’s about putting the "p" back in public relations. If your brand doesn’t have its own audience and you are still relying on renting it from a publication, you’re missing the boat." … or anything else

4) So it’s all about providing information in chunks for better sharing?
Jason Kintzler: Yes it is! The SMR enables brands to put context around what they share in social media channels. For example, a great Youtube video is all well and good, but there is no context around the product in the video, the back story, or the details behind it.

5) How can I be sure that the information gets shared? Are there ways to promote or push this?

Jason Kintzler: The era of pushing information is over. The best way to ensure you’re reaching the right people is to participate and engage your communities. Twitter and Facebook followers are there to engage with you. They understand you have a business and sometimes sharing announcements, etc., is part of the deal. Share, don’t push.

In the near future, PR will not be measured by shear volume of impressions, it will be measured by how many influencers you reach and how many product/tickets/whatever you sell as a result.

6) What is the future of social media press releases and newsrooms?
Jason Kintzler: Before PitchEngine, Social Media release hadn’t seen real adoption. We’re just a few months into it and already we have shared 20,000 SMRs from more than 8,000 brands! I believe the future of SMRs and Newsrooms will be more about reaching our own audiences, not "renting" other audiences. I also think the AP style press releases days are numbered. The press release was designed for easy typesetting in newspapers. Hmmm, seems a bit outdated doesn’t it?!

7) Is there anything we forgot to ask or to mention? ;-)
Jason Kintzler: We are preparing to launch globally, offering translations and region-specific PitchEngine sites. We are looking for partners in Germany who can help us spread the PR 2.0 cause throughout the country! If you think you have what it takes, email us! support@pitchengine.com