Help needed: Do you know this list of items?

I have made a notice last week on some key success factors regarding „new“ Internet strategies that I had found in an article. Unfortunately I did not writedown the source – and a Google search also does not help me on this, therefore I thought about maybe the collective intelligence could help me. If somebody recognizes this list and the source, I would be very thankful to let me know.
The notice I have made was about a list of five items:

  • Be Disruptive
  • Be Viral
  • Be a Platform
  • Be a Verb
  • Be Open & Collaborate

Here are my interpretations of this items:
The first item about „being disruptive“ is a very common advise having its source in the writings of Clayton M. Christensen about „disruptive technology“ and „disruptive innovation“. It is the action of „overturning the existing dominant technologies or status quo products in a market“.
The second item is about having characteristics within my product and my strategy that people are likely to talk to others and to chat about (in terms of a self-replicating viral process) or whose values are enhanced by some kind of network effects.
The third item is a key phrase Tim O’Reilly is discussion in his article about „What is Web 2.0?“. Whereas already some companies from the Web 1.0 has marketed their products with this slogan, the new notion of this is the understanding of the impact and power of the several niches (aka the „long tail“) – this is where the value is created. Be a part of the value creation and provide services platforms to support the value creation.
The forth item is the continuation of the third item where the service becomes at least a part if not one of the dominant notions
of some kind of usage patterns as in „to google“ something, „to facebook“ somebody or „to skype“ with somebody. Within these examples one services becomes the representation of a kind of Internet activity.
The fifth pillar is a common phrase of open source & peer-to-peer businesses. By „being open and collaborative“ activities can involve users and initiate as well as foster the viral processes.
If you have read of this list and know some kind of source, please comment or contact me.